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Renaissance Ranch offers quality outpatient rehab treatment in Utah. Our team of passionate counselors use a faith-based approach.
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Outpatient Treatment

Offering Healing for the Addicted and Afflicted Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Outpatient Programs

Studies have shown and through our own experience at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, a leading provider for drug and alcohol treatment in Salt Lake City, UT, (Sandy and Bountiful) have found that being involved in a substance abuse program with a continuum of care and evidence based modalities for treatment, drastically increases the overall success of permanent sobriety which is the sincere goal of this outpatient addiction treatment.

Family Program

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a neurological brain disease with the capacity to disconnect a human being’s will power and nullify their ability to make sane and rational decisions. Addiction to drugs and alcohol leaves a destructive wake in its path and the only ones affected as much as the addict themselves are the family. The philosophy of our substance abuse and alcohol program is to bring the addict and the family together, facilitating their re-discovery of the truth behind what family relationships are all about.


Renaissance Ranch Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, located in Salt Lake City, Utah understand that believing is seeing, so don’t take our word for it, rather review the testimonials from our previous recovered clients, their family members and ecclesiastical leaders. The clients who commit themselves to this substance abuse treatment program and engage themselves in therapy, not only find our staff sincerely loving and supportive, but will also enjoy and hopefully embrace an instantaneous brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other.

Our Staff

Each staff member at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient’s Sandy, Bountiful and Orem facilities demonstrate professionalism and experience when approaching the cunning and baffling addiction toward drugs and alcohol. They adhere to all ethical and legal statutes and are licensed within the state to practice therapy and counseling. Our staff members all contribute to an atmosphere and environment of safety and respect while maintaining a conducive program for treatment and therapy.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

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