Utah Addiction Rehab and Recovery Center

Overcoming the Disease of Addiction

No matter what most people say about it, addiction is a disease. It is a condition that attacks the mid-brain of a person, causing him or her to lose control and crave for the persistent use of a substance or alcohol despite its adverse consequences. Given their condition, these people do not need the current social stigma they receive. Instead, they need help. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient is fully committed to helping the patients reclaim the happy and healthy life they once had.

Spiritual Path to Recovery

We understand the struggle that people with substance abuse problems have to deal with every day. With that knowledge, we provide a unique, gospel approach to addiction recovery in Utah, with the hope of helping residents battling addiction in Salt Lake City, Orem, Sandy, and other cities overcome their disease.

Apart from therapy and medication, we include gospel-centered solutions in our treatment programs. We incorporate the 12-step program with Gospel Principles so our clients can experience true gospel healing and recovery. We believe that a gospel path is an ideal avenue that our clients must take to reestablish peace in their home, community, and more importantly, with themselves.

Proactive and Skilled Staff

Our staff members observe an active interest in the rehabilitation programs of our clients. Also, they are trained to provide all the tools necessary for the clients to overcome their disease. With the guidance of our proactive staff, you or your loved one will have a reasonably comfortable and fulfilling journey to recovery.

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“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”


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